Friender is a friend finder. This is not a fake app. Similar idea to the Marauder Map, it shows your friends, family and other addressbook contacts location and updates their location automatically. Unlike the Marauders Map, solemnly swearing that I am up to no good is not recommended.

Friender utilizes your own addressbook for names and images. This information is not sent out nor shared. Friender compares phones numbers to other owners of the Friender app. When a friend is found, you will be listed on their iPhone as pending. They have the ability to allow or disallow for you to see their location. You have the same capability for others that list you. Once allowed, they will display on your Friender Map with their icon for easy recognition.

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Club Distance

Club Distance is a simple golf aid to track golf club swing distances.

How many times did you pick the wrong club and hit the ball too far or too short. Practicing at the range help to give an idea of club distances, but that never translates on the course. Use Club Distance to track on-course distances and reference club data realtime to select the proper club.

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